Shahrooz is a master illusionist and magician

based out of Los angeles.

Shahrooz Nia started performing both stage magic and close-up magic in London at the young age of 17. It was in London where Shahrooz began performing six minute acts in nightclubs, spotlight on him front and center of the venue. Shahrooz would perform an illusion and the guests would be eagerly awaiting the next act with built up anticipation. Shahrooz was such a captivating entertainer that he was soon performing at venues in the West end of London, the center for nightlife, at major venues such as Xenon and Hippodrome owned by the Stringfellows.

Not long after Shahrooz then moved to the United States, his talent spoke for itself as he found himself performing at the iconic Magic Castle and the Comedy and Magic Club in Los Angeles. Even after relocating to Los Angeles, Shahrooz continues to travel and perform all over the world, across Asia and Japan, on cruise ships and of course in London. Shahrooz is an international force in the world of Magic and remains an active member of Magic Circle in England and Magic Castle.

Shahrooz has honored his craft and used his talent to focus on stage magic and was inspired to design and build props for a futuristic robot act with a stunning material known as cast Acrylic or Lucite. This passion project fueled another creative passion for Shahrooz as established himself a a successful designer creating high-end acrylic furniture pieces and sculptures for the designer furniture market which can be seen in high-end furniture showrooms such as the Wynn and Encore in Las Vegas. After many years of building a successful business in Acrylic based design, Shahrooz began to incorporate his love for acrylic sculptures and magic, thus making all the props used for his illusions ever more unique and beautiful. Acrylic is a naturally clear and transparent material, and audiences are left more amazed and curious than ever.

Shahrooz Magic Production also known as Shahrooz Mystere offers a variety of acts that each have their own theme, unique presentation, and choreography. Shahrooz Mystere is a night consisting of dance mixed with magic.